this is one of my favorites smart devices in my house! hands free and all voice control! so just ask your fire cube to play your favorite play list on Spotify or you just ask your fire cube to play your favorite show on Netflix or ask to add items to your shopping list before you forget them and you can also connect them to your other smart devices in your house! you should defiantly check it out.


smart light bulbs are another super cool gift idea! there is so much you could do with  smart light bulbs!

pick your favorite colors depending on your mood and you can change the colors and the brightness all from your smart phone or with your smart speaker! also you can set timers when you want them to go on or off plus a few more cool features.this one is my number one pick for 2023 PHILIPS HUE and next in line is WYZE or KASA



smart cameras are a great way to check on your home or on your kids or pets when you are away and also great for office or shop if you need to keep an eye on your business!

they are all equipped with day and night vision and motion detection to capture on wanted guests and also capable to record with a SD card or cloud storage. 

and also you could check with your insurance company if you do qualify for a better discount if you use cameras in your home or business.

if you just need a small camera for inside to check on kids or pets I would  suggest Blink indoor or Blink indoor wireless   and if you need some additional security for outside your home or business we definitely suggest 

Blink Wireless Outdoor Cam and you can pick and choose how many of each you might need.


they just make life easy and they give you more time to do what you like! just program them to start on times that works for you! you could also connect them with your smart speakers and just use voice command or control them with your smart phone. 

there is few models we suggest like Eufy or you could get ones that vacuum and mop at the same time like Ilife! and if you looking for something that even cleans it self after its done you should definitely take a look at these two models Ilife or Irobot

the coolest thing about robot vacuums? you don't have to do it anymore!


smart speakers are another great gift idea! ask them to play your favorite songs or ask for the weekly weather forecast or maybe you are looking for a new delicious recipe! 

you can choose the new  Echo Dot  or if you want something little louder look at the new Echo Studio.


another super cool gift idea! why? because everyone loves a good massage and we both know you are going to use it too lol i have been using them for few years and they work great! here is few good ones that we hand picked for you to check  Renoho  or Wattne and if you looking for something more heavy duty check this one here Elit.

they make a really nice gift!


wireless speakers are another great gift! you can take them anywhere you want and everyone always enjoys good music! take them on the beach or take them for your next hiking or camping trip! these are few of our favorite wireless speakers for 2023!

if you looking for a cool party speaker check out the new W King with led lights or  JBL party box with mic and if you just need a nice speaker for indoors or just for your backyard in the summer take a look at JBL flip5 or Bose Soundlink.


another super cool gift idea and you can both enjoy it! you could make so many different types of food with a good air fryer like CROWNFUL .

chicken wings and fries or fish and chips and so much more!

saves you time on cooking and gives you a lot more healthier options.

these ones here also some of the best seller for 2023  Cosori Proii Air Fryer Oven Combo or Innsky or Ninja XL smart is another great choice! 


Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this posts are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a small commission. Keep in mind that I link & promote these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.
Thanks for supporting my small business again.



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