Why i love using smart devices around my home and how they make life easier?

Why i love using smart devices around my home and how they make life easier?

Smart devices and Smart gadgets are designed to make life easier for us!

There are so many reasons I love using my smart devices around the house but if I had to make a list this would be my top reason why I start investing in my home and start using smart devices and smart gadgets!

Being able to manage all appliances and devices in one place is one of my top reason!

Controlling the living room lights or setting the room temperature or making sure the garage door is closed and I can do all that and more just from my smartphone or tablet!

Using voice control and connection between my smart speakers and my other devices allows me to control everything with voice!
So you could just ask your smart speaker to play your favourite music on Spotify or just ask to play your favourite show on Netflix or ask her to lock the doors and turn off the lights!
And it's all voice-controlled.

Being able to control and manage your home remotely! Have you ever left the house and think if you might have forgot the door unlocked? Or if you left the lights on? You can do all that on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere!
yes even if you are on a vacation in another country!

This one is one of my top reasons to use smart devices!
Smart device SAVES you money! Studies show that smart homeowners save more on their electricity bills and gas bills.
For example, smart homeowners can save up to 18 to 20 percent a year on their hydro bill by setting the temperature to adjust with their schedule so when they are home it's set to a higher temperature and when they are at work during the day smart thermostat keeps the heat down and saves you some cash!

this is another of my top reason to use smart home devices. By using outdoor motion cameras and motion lights and using smart locks and indoor ptz cameras you know you have provided a high level of security for your family and your property.
Studies have shown homes with security devices are less likely to be a victim of crimes or theft.
And this also allows me to check on my home when I'm away! And I can also check all events when I was gone if I have to check if something happened.

In the process of making my home more efficient and smart, I figured why not share my experience with other people who would like to try this device but are not sure where to start or what device to purchase, etc

All devices posted on this website are tested by me or I have done extensive research and or recommended by friends who used them and strongly recommend them.
<span;>I hope you find this article helpful and be sure to check our website for the latest gear and gadgets.

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